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   Professional makeup artist Vanessa Marie was born and raised in Colton California. She always dreamed big and was very ambitious. Growing up she was inspired by fashion, makeup and photography. Vanessa would spend hours looking at pictures and examining the makeup and clothing styles and dreamed that one day she would be able to put together and be a part of similar projects. She also felt that there were many things missing in these magazines spreads and on the big screen and was determined to find her way into the business to make her mark and see her visions and big dreams manifest.


   Frustrated by her small town and lack of industry settings, Vanessa found herself on a plane moving to London for school and inspiration at the age of 21. At the time she felt unsure of how it was going to happen and what the future would hold but decided to follow her heart. Having already started an education in the medical field she finished her training and spent the next 8 years working in various hospitals and laboratories, in her spare time doing make-up and styling every chance she got. She spent 5 years living in Las Vegas helping family, friends and co-workers feel their best on their most important days. Doing make-up for their weddings, anniversaries and big nights out, she loved being a part of these special moments but was ready for a challenge and felt that she really needed to take herself to the next level.


   Taking another big leap of faith Vanessa left the medical field to pursue full time her passion for quality aesthetics and moved back to California to acquire the best education as possible. She enrolled in the Master program at the Makeup Designory in Burbank California and now is working as a freelance makeup artist for film,television,print and special events. Vanessa looks to work on exciting and quality projects to continue to learn and work with the best in the industry.​

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